People & Culture

As a student, if you ask for help, people will do their utmost with all sincerity and friendliness. Turks will welcome you as guests and have many treats to satisfy you. Be sure you won't be miss your home here! Turkey is a bridge between Asia and Europe, not only in terms of geographical location but also in cultural, social aspects. Many things in Turkey contain a mixture of the West and the East, the old and the new, the traditional and the modern.

Weather in Turkey

Turkey is within the mild temperature zone. The coastal areas have a temperate Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters while the inland Anatolia plateau and eastern parts have a dryer climate with hot summers and cold winters


As an International student you will have a variety of options to meet your accommodation needs throughout your educational journey in Turkey. You can stay in university dormitories located within the campuses, in state dormitories managed by the Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution located at various points in the city, in private dormitories, or in the apartments you rent in the city.

Cost of Living in Turkey

Although it varies according to your lifestyle and preferences, life is quite affordable for students in Turkey. On this page, you will find answers to possible questions that may arise in your mind about main expenditure items of an international student. - Average Monthly budget you need to reserve for accommodation will vary between 168 TL and 1500 TL - Health insurance for international students varies between 200-400 TL per year in private policies - Book and Stationery Fees (yearly): 500 TL - Mobile Phone Bill (monthly): 30-100 TL - Bus/Metro ticket (One way): 1.75 TL - Taxi (5 km): 25 TL - Food: o A meal in cafeteria (State University): 2-5 TL o Breakfast in University Canteen: 3 TL o Tea in University Canteen: 1 TL o Coffee in University Canteen: 3 TL o Sandwich (Vegetarian): 10 TL o Sandwich (with meat): 15 TL


The Public Transportation system in Turkey is very convenient and reasonably priced, and provided by planes, buses, trains, minibuses (namely dolmus), and subways (in major cities). Students are offered special discount for intra-city and inter-city transportation.